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Baby Nail Scissors Blue


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Cutting your baby’s nails can be stressful. Baby’s nails are super soft, and it’s easy to cut across them. With scissors, there are no sharp edges to file down and no scary clicking noise to worry about. They have much better control than nail clippers.⁠

  • Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Baby Nail Scissors.⁠
  • These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails.⁠
  • Balanced handle loops make these nail scissors comfortable for use by both right and left-handed parents.⁠
  • Includes protective cover featuring our loveable characters.⁠
  • Round blade tips prevent accidents.⁠
  • Allow you to control the portion of the nails to be trimmed.
  • Curved blades for safe and efficient trimming.
  • Clean blades after use to prevent rusting.⁠
  • Blades are made of durable steel.⁠
Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions16 × 9 × 2 cm
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