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Kids Food Plate Combo


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  • Monee food plate is a cutlery or food container that is the perfect size for the baby’s eating portion. With 2 large spaces (180ml) for main meals, and 3 other spaces (60ml) for additional food that moms can fill with fruits and vegetables, making your little one’s nutrition easier to fulfill. The anti-slip pad makes your little one freer when learning to eat alone.
    • Prevent spillage: This plate is designed to be easy for children to eat. The round edge design is to prevent food from spilling out of the plate when eating.
    • Easy-to-eat slope design: The green suction mat can be used as a snack tray and a yellow food plate with three small holes and two large holes can be used as a food container. The bottom part of the plate area is designed to be slanted so that the food can gather downwards.
    • Anti-slip suction mat: The snack tray can be easily removed and assembled. The green suction mat can blend with the protrusion on the yellow food plate, when combined, the suction power will become firmer.
Weight0.67 kg
Dimensions20 × 31 × 4.5 cm
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