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Merries Smooth Air Through Pull Up Diaper


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Kao Merries Smooth Air Through Pull Up Diaper

Merries Pull Up Diaper is the No.1 recommendation by Mothers in Japan. Merries

polymers have 200-300 times’ absorbency! (Weight of fluid that can be absorbed relative to the polymer’s weight). You can have peace of mind even in the mornings when your baby has peed a lot overnight.

  • “Air tunnel” on the waist gather. Drive out stuffiness between the skin and gathers. The back, which is easy to sweat, is also smooth! Since the entire diaper is made of breathable material, pee does not pass through and only stuffiness is expelled. Smooth skin even if you move well.
  • The waist is fluffy 2.5 times * It’s easy to put on because it stretches!  A unique design that supports it tightly with your waist and does not slip. It is safe to prevent leakage. * Before extending (Kao research).
  • Unique soft and wavy surface design to prevent friction against baby’s delicate skin: The surface that touches baby’s skin is airy and wavy! All-round breathable sheet for maximum dryness and comfort all day long! Heat is released directly through the gaps between the waist gathers and baby’s skin.
  • All-round breathable sheet: Micro airy channels efficiently release heat and stuffiness! Keeps skin dry even for the most active baby.
  • The comfortable snug fit around baby’s tummy and thighs to prevent leakage.
  • Wavy soft surface: The recessed areas of the soft sheet effectively trap the soft poo. It won’t spread so that it does not stick to baby’s skin.
  • Instant soft poo absorption: Minimizing soft poo contact with skin.
  • The paper pattern is made in a curved shape so that the diaper fits the shape of the hip.


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Dimensions28 × 17 × 39 cm

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Ages 0 – 12 Months, Ages 1 – 2

Mom & Kid

Diapering & Potty Training

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