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Who Am I ? Occupations Puzzle – 30 Pieces


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Mideer Who am I ? Occupations Puzzle – 30 Pcs

This occupations puzzle is great for children 3 or older. The puzzle comes with 6 professions/occupations, each with 4 unique identifying traits. This double-sided puzzle will teach your child what each profession specializes in and what they do day today. 

  • This is a career matching puzzle. Your kid will learn to recognize different careers, such as police officer, doctor, astronaut, fireman, clown and chef.
  • Your little one needs to match the occupation with its related tools or items to complete the puzzle.
  • Double-sided printed with non-toxic ink.
  • How to play:⁠
    1. Basic method: Choose an occupation randomly, for example, the chef is in the puzzle colour pink. Gather all the pink pieces to find the related occupational tools/items. Complete the puzzle. Teach your kid about the occupation and explain the tools/items that are related to the occupation.⁠
    2. Advanced method 1: Choose an occupation randomly. Identify occupational tools/items that associate with the occupation. Complete the puzzle.⁠
    3. Advanced method 2: Choose an occupational tool/item randomly. Find other pieces that associate with the chosen tool/item. Complete the puzzle.⁠
  • Size: 21.4 x 21.4 x 5cm.
  • Weight: 0.56 kg.
  • Recommended ages: 3 years & above.

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Weight 0.5600000 kg
Dimensions 21.4000000 × 21.4000000 × 5.0000000 cm
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